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Pancha KARMA [ Vedic Purification - Detox Method ]

Pancha Karma is a method which cleans toxins that cause formation of diseases, and early wearing out, and ageing of individuals, and consequently renews, and makes individuals younger. This is the deepest, most comprehensive, and efficient technique of the healthcare approach adopted by the classic Ayurveda and Maharishi's Vedic approach to heald. Being the most fundamental treatment of Ayurveda, a healthcare system that has been used since the last 5000 years, Pancha Karma has been applied in the western words since 1990s, and 2000s in our country in the form refined by Maharishi.Toxins formed in the nature as a result of wrong industrial and agricultural applications diffuse into the body by means of breathing, and foods and beverages, and then increasingly accumulate in the body tissues together with the stress mandated by the contemporary life, and ultimately prepare a room for severe diseases. Artificial fertilizers, hormones, and agricultural disinfection agents increase negative accumulations. If toxins having been accumulated, are not removed periodically, they prepare a room for subsequent diseases, or at least give rise to early ageing and wearing out.

At Doga Purification Center, substances which are harmful for health are removed from body by means of Pancha Karma method, the most efficient Ayurveda method. Toxins are removed from body, nervous system is relinquished, and a physiological balance is formed by means of curing sessions of one to two weeks applied to females by female technicians, and males by male technicians who have been trained specially. Individuals gain a strong resistance to present and future diseases as a result of a deep purification and balancing, normalization, and relaxation derived from this unsurpassed method. Having relieved from stress completely thanks to employment of this method, individuals enjoy an excellent health status and getting younger. Individuals gain a strong, energetic and resistant body, and are not affected from ageing, and enjoy a healthy and long life.

Pancha Karma method is comprised of three stages :
1. Preparatory stage : Toxins are softened for excretion at a later stage.
2. Main Curing Stage : This is the stage at which the basic purification is applied at Ayurveda Centre
3. Transition to normal diet, and Post-Pancha Karma Stage : This stage aims to ensure a soft transition to normal life and protection of the balance and purification and strengthening of weak body parts.

Preparatory Stage
Toxins settled in tissues are softened for further excretion. This stages continues three to five days. It is recommended to apply this stage while in rest as in the case of the main curing stage of Pancha Karma. However, if this is not possible, it may also be applied by reducing density of working and activities. Individuals consume very mild foodstuffs such as boiled vegetables and soups. Toxins settled in tissues are softened through a special use of purified butter called ghee, then toxins are attracted first to the blood, then to intestines, and a preliminary cleaning is implemented with castor oil.

Main Curing Stage
This is the stage applied at Ayurveda Centre to clean toxins, which have been softened at the preparatory stage, through perspiration, intestines and nose. Individuals spend 2.5 to 3 hours at Ayurveda Centre each day to be purified from toxins by means of massages, steam cure, and through intestines. A less strict form of mild nutrition also continues during this stage. This stage is recommended for at least one week although it is possible to continue this stage for three to five days. Time spent outside the centre must be used for resting purposes to the maximum extent possible. Individuals with extra weight lose 4 to 6 kilograms on average during the first two stages. Weight lost may be increased or decreased depending upon the regime being applied. Toxins having been unsettled at this stage through massages applied with individual-specific oils, herbal steam applications, and oil flows applied to the forehead and body are gathered in the digestive tract, and excreted from the body via special intestine cleaning methods. It is clear that benefit obtained shall increase if this stage is extended.

Post-Pancha Karma Stage
Mild diet is abandoned gradually within five days, and Ayurveda specialists recommends individual-specific diet in order to protect the balance gained, and Ayurvedic compounds and daily living proposals in order to strengthen weak body parts and tissues. Rasayanas (strengthening compounds with herbal essence) such as Amrith Kalash [ MA 4 and 5 ] which reinforce body, and strengthen immunity are recommended. It is recommended that Pancha Karma be repeated two to three times a year. Individuals should repeat this deep purification and care method at least once a year in order to maintain their health status under present conditions which are apt to form toxins to the maximum extent.

Benefits which may be derived from this method can be summarized as follows:

- Toxins attributable to wrong nutrition are excreted from body.
- Digestion and metabolism become stronger.
- Circulation tract becomes stronger and more efficient.
- Many diseases are avoided, and normal health status is resumed.
- Body gets younger, and becomes resistant against diseases.
- Individual gains a vigorous, energetic, and resistant body, loses excess weight, is not effected from wearing out and ageing, and enjoy a healthy and longer life.

Used to be applied only to kings at ancient times, this wonderful method may be applied a number of times regularly each year, and complying with recommendations of Ayurveda specialist would assure an excellent and healthy life with avoidance from diseases.