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Ayurveda is the most ancient preventive health care system on the word. Ayurveda, which has the meaning of Knowledge of Life original, is from India 6000 years ago, a naturel approach to create balance and strenghten the immun system of the body.

What Is Maharishi's Health Care System?

Because of long time and foreign effects to India, totalitarian approach of Ayurveda has disappeared with dividing to parts. Last times, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendantal Meditation, working with leading Ayurvedic experts, systemized the knowledge and reaced it again to its totality and pureness, like in classical texts. Thatswhy this systematisation of Ayurveda is named Maharishi Ayurveda health Care Program.

How Does Ayurveda Work?

Ayurveda enlivens the inner inteligence of the body and strengths its natural healing ability. According to Ayurveda the disease exists with the accumulation of imbalance and nonpure materials in the body. The characteristic of Ayurveda is to eliminate the imbalances from the body and to teach how to live healthy and balanced manner.

What are Mind-Body Types?

Ayurveda is the first health care system, which uses mind-body types of the individual. It accepts that, each individual borns with balance, which effects all the life aspects, containing emotional and bodily qualities and tendency to diseases. With a life style without understanding natural balance of the individual and his mind-body system, it will be created unknowingly imbalance.

What are The Doshas?

According to Ayurveda the body is governed with principles, which are named dosha and they controls all the functions of the body. These doshas are VATA (governs the motility), PİTTA (governs the metabolism), and KAPHA (governs the structure). The naturel dominance of one or several doshas in the individual creates the body type. The agravation of this dominance and going out of the balance together with toxic accumulation creates the diseases.

What Is The Necessity and Method Of Physiological Purification?
The dirty subtances in the nature, which are coming out because of wrong industralisation, resulting that the water which we drink and the air which we breath, contains toxins. The artificial fortilisers, hormons and agriculturel chemicals forming negative accumulations in our body, and the mistakes in our nutrition, resulting not enough digestion of the food and forming toxic materials. The stresses of the modern life effecting our physiology and disturbing normal functioning system and unhealthy remnants couldn't thrown out of the body.

Because of the effect of stress and electromagnetic irradiation toxins are forming in the body and with the toxins coming from environment to the body, the danger will be growing. If these dangerous accumulations wouldn't be cleaned periodically, the structure for disease are prepared and early disfunctions and early ageing come out.

With Pancha Karma procedure, dangerous remnants are removed from the body. The toxins, which are softened with herbal steambaths and spesific massages with oils added herbal essences, are thrown out from the body, with this excellent health cure.
The procedure is applied by lady technician to lady patient and by men technician to men patient, who are educated specifically. Pancha Karma cure is applied in an Ayurvedic health Center, with a duration changing from a few days to a few weeks. With this cure the body is cleaned with removing of the toxins, nervous system calms down, balance is structured in the physiology. The person, who would be light like a feather with this procedure, lives the happiness of perfect health and becoming youthful.

The benefits of purification with Pancha Karma procedure could be summarized like following :

1- The toxins, which are accumulated with wrong nutrition are removed from the body.
2- The effectiveness of digestion and metabolism will increased.
3- It helps to cure of many diseases and perfect health could be gained.
4- The person will have a strong, vivid and firm body, doesn't effected from ageing, he lives long and healthy.
5- The body will be younger and gains resistance against disease.
6- Stress, tiredness of the mind and forgetfullness will be less, the mind gains clarity.

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