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ABHYANGA : Very calming and relaxing full body massage, which is applied by two technicians in syncronized manner, with oil, to which is added 20 kinds of herbal essences, growing on Himalaya's. It creates resistance against stresses.
[ Period : 35-45 - 55 min. ]

VISHESH : A full body deep massage, which is applied with more pressure by two technicians, with wholesome herbal essences added oils. It is specially beneficial against muscle pains and spasms.
[Period : 35 min. ]

PIZZI-CHILI [ Massage of King ] : Very resting and relaxing massage applied with flowing lukewarm oils by two technicians.
[ Period : 1 Hour 15 min. ]

GARSHAN : A dry massage applied with raw silk gloves. It enlivens circulation in subcutaneuous fat tissue and beneficial against cellulitis.
[ Period : 20 min. ]

UDVARTANA : A beneficial massage for skin beauty and toxin remowing, will be applied with a liquidy dough, which contains wholesome herbal essences. It creates a mild peeling effect.
[ Period : 45 min. ]

SHIRODHARA : A continuous oil flow on forehead and head, creates soothing and relaxing effect on nervous system. Beneficial to tension, headaches and insomnia.
[ Period : 20 min. ]

SVEDANA : A heat therapy with using herbal steam bath. Because the head is outside of box during toxin removing of the body, the nervous system doesn't be effected negatively.
[ Period : 20 min. ]

NASYA : Cleaning of nose and sinuses from mucus and toxins. It helps not only for cleaning and opening airways, but also effect the nervous system positively.
[ Period : 1 hour 20 min. ]

TASTE OF PANCHA KARMA : It is a combination of massages and technics, which mentioned abow, without bowel cleaning and diet, like Abhyanga + Shirodhaya or Pizzi-Chili + Shirodhara.

KALARI MARMA UZHICHILI : Very relaxing, enlivening massage with pressure. With this maasage, life energy, prana is flowing through the Marma points, which are transition points between matter and energy, so that whole body will be energetic, vigorous and strong.
[ Period : min.1 hour, 10 minutes ]

TAKRADHARA : During a flow with special herbalised lassi on the forehead and head, an oil massage is done to the body. Very usefull for headaches, insomnia, hearth diseases, indigestion and skin rashes.
[ Period :30 min. ]

PATRA POTALI : Warm boluses, containg special herbal mixtures are applied to the painful areas of the body.Very useful for ankle and muscular pains and spasms. At least 3 applications are advised.
[ Period :20-30 min. ]

KATHI BASTI : A special oil bath, applied to the lumbal region. İt is very helpful for back pains and for problems originated from lumbal region.
[ Period : 30 min. ]

HIRID BASTI : A special oil bath, applied to the hearth region. İt is useful for hearth problems and emotional problems.
[ Period : 30 min. ]